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It’s prime time for a change!

As of September 2018, Prime Petroleum Services changed its name to Prime’s Bunkersplus Services.

As the environment we operate in is ever-changing, we’ve decided to make a few changes ourselves, starting with a small alteration to our name and a brand new logo.

Our new name describes in the best possible way the added value we bring to buyers and vendors. And our new logo reflects that, in addition to being brokers, we are experts in creating synergies between our team of experts and the fields we operate in.

Our Company

Prime’s Bunkersplus Services L.P. is an independent bunker-buying management service provider. An innovative and active player in the Marine Fuel Industry specializing in servicing Shipping companies by the most transparent, efficient and effective means - mainly offering direct from the physical suppliers. Buyer pays the physical suppliers directly. In case, suppliers cannot offer credit, Prime’s Bunkersplus provides alternatives by offering prices from the various major world-wide Traders. Prime’s Bunkersplus is a long-standing member of the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) and voices Greek Shipowners concerns. This year, commemorates 16 years of successful brokering between the bunker & shipping industries. Since 2002, we’ve been providing Greece’s top-tier shipping companies with all-inclusive, high-end services, which include intelligent bunker buying solutions for their bunker & lubricant purchases, offering cost savings, and, above all, peace of mind.

Always aiming to provide the lowest market prices without compromising quality & reliability, Prime’s Bunkersplus acts as a world-wide bunker buying “tool” for many shipping & chartering companies who appreciate the added value of an expert source to their buying strategy. We perform on their behalf: establishing credit lines, proactively negotiating prices and terms, nominating bunker orders and being there for any follow-up 24/7, always assisting them, with the aim, to make the right buying decisions. Don't ask us, ask them: ADK, Angelicoussis Group, Alpha Bulkers, Chartworld, CMM, Common Progress, Conbulk, Dalnave, Gaslog, Grace Trading Corp LLC, Leon, Lotus Shipping, Meadway, Navios, Pantheon Tankers, Phoenix Shipping, Seaworld, Seaven, Starbulk, TMS, Tsakos Shipping and others.

Operating from Greece, our purchasing team, which consists of highly-experienced bunker people, operate as brokers only and focus on client service, credit lines, accurate market information and sustained supplier relations. Our reputation for transparency, care, ethos and high-quality broker services is acknowledged by vendors operating in ports all over the globe. They know that, like them, we’ve set the bar very high. And a happy client is a happy vendor.

Crude level monitoring minute by the minute, port, barge, product availability reports & follow-ups, claims management -- prevention & handling, Invoice & BDR chasing, Friendly payment reminders – we do it all for you!

Bunker buyers face formidable tasks: in addition to operating ships, they have to contend with many serious factors in the bunker industry, such as fuel price volatility, time validities, hefty cancellation charges, fuel quality issues, choosing the right counter parties, and GTCs.

Prior to IMO’s Jan 1st, 2020 sulphur regulation, they will have to source low-sulphur products and credit lines. As qualified bunker brokers we perform & deliver on all the later tasks so that our clients - the buyers - are freed up, to do what they know best, running ships.

A Bunker Broker’s role is to maintain a balance between buyers and vendors, with the goal to safeguard both parties interests. In other words, we CARE and we show it through our Commitment to Accuracy, Reliability and Excellence.

"People make companies"

Irene Notias

Founder - Managing Director

Irene graduated from Pace University, NYC, with a BBA in International Management & minors in Marketing & Political Science. She later studied psychology and was in the Human Relations Master’s Program at Brooklyn College.

Her work experiences at Bear Stearns, IBM, Nichiman America, and smaller NY businesses, including shipping offices in NYC and in Piraeus, namely, Ceres Hellenic, and a start-up business of her own in Brooklyn, have all shaped her business and entrepreneurial skills. Managing a 24/7 bunker broker firm competing in the international arena for almost 2 decades, Irene is a proven business person who has mastered connecting people and ideas, significantly.

She brings value to Prime’s client base with her untainted clarity of vision and diligent market coverage. Her availability, grasp of both the shipping and bunker industry know-how and her business ethics have attracted numerous first-class Greek based ship-owning firms.


Purchasing Director

Thanassis is in the Shipping industry for a long time. First in the crew department of Lemos Maritime and then as a Radio Officer in the Merchant Marine.

He worked at Greece’s major Physical Supplier, MAMIDOIL JETOIL, as a Sales Executive and a bunker supply Operator for over 2 decades. He also was the Supply manager at Greek bunker physical Supplier, PHOENIX OLIEHANDEL, thereafter.

He has 30 years of knowledge and experience in the bunkering industry mainly in purchasing – supplying procedures, handling claims and solving disputes. He is a Graduate of C.I.M. (Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK) focused in sales management. Knowing the bunker supply business very well, his role at Prime’s Bunkersplus is very relevant as he represents the suppliers point of view in the bunker management equation.


Sr. Bunker Broker - Sr. Purchasing Agent

Teri started her career in shipping almost fifteen years ago. After a while in chartering and operations, she picked up bunkering and stayed there ever since.
She has worked as an in-house bunker buyer and in well-known trading houses like Amoil and Integr8 Fuels.
She holds a degree in Maritime Economics and Science from the University of Piraeus Dept. of Maritime Studies and is fluent in four languages (Greek-English-French-Spanish).
Her career path to date, along with her skills, has gained her a full-spectrum insight of the maritime sector. She has the ability to easily communicate among cultures and forge relationships on an international level. For this reason, she is here to guarantee the best option for any vessel, on any charter, in any port.


Finance Manager

Chryssa’s specialty in the Shipping Industry has been concentrated in the Shipping Finance sector both on the Banking side and Ship owners' side, since November 2000.
She joined Prime in November 2015 to re-assess and re-define Prime’s finance role for its clientele base who was lacking supplier credit lines.
She holds a BSc in Economic Sciences from the University of Athens and a MSc in International Shipping from Plymouth University, U.K.
She holds the Diploma in IFRS and she is certified by ATHEX from the Derivatives Market Training Unit and by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (Professional Qualification) . Her know-how and innate business ethics contribute and support Prime's mission to satisfy clients’ needs while maintain a balance with its vendors.

Sophia Picha

Clients Service Manager

Sophia earned her Bachelor degree in Maritime Studies from the University of Piraeus and has worked in the shipping and bunker brokering/trading businesses for 20 years. Her experience trading marine fuels and lubricants in one of the largest international lubricants physical supplier corporations, and understanding of clients’ needs, equip her to handle after sales, with care and to the fullest.

Company History & Mission


Prime’s Bunkersplus Services is a spin-off of Prime Petroleum Services, Inc. (PPS) which operates in the Bunker Brokering sector by bridging top-tier shipping companies with vetted physical suppliers and re-sellers of marine fuels and lubricants. Founded in 2002, by Irene K. Notias, PPS quickly developed an enviable reputation for professionalism and, within a decade, tripled its client base, became a BP Marine authorized Broker and turned bunker buying into a science.


To be a specialized and independent Bunker Broker company in Greece, and to provide added-value, tailor-made solutions with transparency and ethos, to all the stakeholders.


To offer highest-quality services, and to remain agile in our industry’s ever-changing environment, in order to meet the clients’ needs.


We can’t control the tides & currents. However, we have control over the way we perceive and interpret issues, as well as the decisions we make to address them. Therefore, remaining mindful of the needs and supporting high quality standards - going that extra mile - allows us to meet our clients' satisfaction.


We believe in teamwork. A few people working together seamlessly can move mountains, let alone deliver fuel products. Creating synergies is what we excel at. This helps us to create a stable environment which promotes sound decision-making-something our clients find very comforting, given the ever-changing, fast-paced world we all live and work in.

Individual commitment to a common goal is what fuels a team, a company, a society, a civilization.

Vince Lombardi

Daily Market Report

  FRI MAR 22, 2019        
ATTN: Bunker Purchasing Dept.      
CRUDE OIL FUTURES @ 13:25 WTI $59.42/bbl ↓0.56 Brent $ 67.07/bbl ↓0.79 Gasoil ↓6.75            
Port ULSFO RMG380 RME180 DMA LS    
PIRAEUS (mtw) erlst del 3/27 n.a. 425-430 446-451 622-627    
MALTA n.a. 420-425 442-447 620-625    
GIBRALTAR (mtd/mtw) n.a. 435-440 454-459 637-642    
ISTANBUL (mtw) n.a. 438-443 456-461 643-648    
NOVOROSSIYSK n.a. 425-430 450-455 630-635    
ROTTERDAM 557-562 422-427 446-451 583-588    
LAS PALMAS n.a. 427-432 447-452 629-634    
ST. PETERSBURG 545-550 391-396 481-486 579-584    
LOME anch n.a. 471-476 492-497 692-697    
ALGOA BAY n.a. s.i. n.a s.i.    
DURBAN (mtw) n.a. n.a. 454-459 763-768    
JEDDAH posted price (mtw) n.a. 449 459 730    
FUJAIRAH n.a. 432-437 479-484 733-738    
VISAG n.a. s.i. s.i. s.i.    
MUMBAI n.a. 475-480 485-490 745-750    
COLOMBO n.a. 465-470 540-545 760-765    
SINGAPORE 551-556 425-430 467-472 615-620    
HONG KONG n.a. 430-435 445-450 625-630    
SHANGHAI n.a. 446-451 456-461 732-737    
BUSAN 627-632 457-462 477-482 647-652    
KAOHSIUNG posted price n.a. 466 474 695    
MONTREAL* n.a. 462-467 n.a. 660-665    
NEW ORLEANS* (mtw) n.a. 455-460 555-560 655-660    
HOUSTON* (mtw) n.a. 420-425 494-499 631-636    
NEW YORK* (mtw) n.a. 444-449 474-479 632-637    
LOS ANGELES* (mtd/mtw) n.a. 463-468 n.a. 646-651    
PANAMA* (mtw) n.a. 435-440 472-477 645-650    
RIO DE JANEIRO* n.a. 426-431 458-463 685-690    
Port ULSFO RMG380 RME180 DMA LS    

s.i. = subject inquiry, n.a = not available, s.a. = subject avails
DMB prices, where avail, will be subj to inquiry
* Due to time zone difference or holiday, prices for these ports are yesterday’s closing *
Above prices are indicative of the market at time they were documented. They do not reflect firm prices.

  • Price ranges are basis 30 days payments.
  • Movements in prices are basis the respective port’s product & barge availability besides crude levels.
  • Since no one is a fortune teller there are no indicative prices for future delivery dates.
  • All prices above are in US$ per mtd unless otherwise specified. (mtw) = additional transportation charges.


  • Prime's Bunkersplus Services

    Are We in the Bunker or Banker Business?

    Eleven years ago, I was working as a trader in an international trading firm situated in Greece. Wehn our customer delayed a payment and asked for further extension on his agreed terms, I recall our manager humorously and in a Greek accent instructing our accounting department, "tell them we sell bunkers; we are not bankers!".

    Since then, one financial crisis after the other, bunkering has indeed become more like banking.

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  • Prime's Bunkersplus Services

    There are many changes and developments in the bunker industry and much more to come by 2020.

    There is a lot of company restructuring. We are seeing a lot of consolidation and small niche players supporting the bunker buying community in what seems the most confusing time period of all time in both the shipping and bunker industries. Here are some old kids in the Greek bunker business who are creating a new path for the bunker buyers in Greece, and being at their side for a smoother transition into year 2020.

    Irene Notias: " This year marks our good company's 16th year anniversary in the bunker industry. An industry which is always changing and so are we. For the better. Therefore, what better timing for us to make the plunge and change our name and symbol? "

    "we did it and it's prime time!!!!"

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  • Marine bunkers : the role of bunker brokers by Irene Notias

    Shedding light on the role of bunker brokers smoothly guiding shipowners amidst the transitions come 2020.

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  • "Shipping - Oil & Gas,The Geopolitics, Transporting and Investment Perspective" conference

    Prime's Bunkers Plus Director, Ms. Irene Notias, spoke & co-coordinated the 2nd session of the conference , entitled "Bunkering and Alternative Sources of Energy. What is the Future?"

    Link: Youtube Video

Bunker Procedures & Standards



  • Check all information on Bunker Requisition Form or equivalent which is presented by the Supplier, via the barge. If there are any changes regarding quantity or quality, immediately communicate with the appropriate contact person (ie: broker or trader) in order to verify the details.

  • Witness and confirm the initial measurements and ullaging onboard the barge before and the measurement after the delivery takes place. Check and measure all the tanks, including actual temperature of cargo, and any idle tanks (said not to be included in the particular supply).

  • Compare measurements and verify the quantities as per barge ullages tables. When in full agreement, sign the ullage/sounding report for Before Supply figures.

  • If any disagreements with the measurements, temperature and thereby figures please advise this on the Sounding form or, if not allowed, on separate Letter of Protest (make sure to obtain signature and stamp from barge Master for receipt).

  • If surveyor attends, ensure the surveyor also participates in the measuring procedures before supply and verifies the figures.


  • Watchman to witness safe and proper operation and correct sampling. The watchman ensures continuous drip sampling throughout the delivery and that devices used for sampling are clean.

  • Watchman to witness proper and correct division into minimum 4 (four) clean and new identical sample bottles, including proper labeling and sealing of ALL samples. Make sure original sample (cubitainer) is shaken vigorously for 3 minutes before splitting into the 4 sample bottles and that bottles are filled in several passes. All seal numbers to be inserted into the Bunker Delivery Receipt (BDR). The MARPOL sample must be one of these samples drawn under witnessing.

  • Watchman to pay special attention to the bunker hose, and any not agreed attempts to transfer air via same should cause immediate stoppage unless the use of air is caused by stripping of barge tanks, which stripping to be agreed in advance by both parties. If air is blown on continued basis, and stoppage on the supply not possible, for any reason, the incident to be reported in a Letter of Protest (LOP), which should also contain the time (hours from/to) that air blow was noticed.

  • In order to avoid "Cappuccino effect" pay special attention and take all necessary precautions reg the below:

  • During tank measurements, notify the seller, supplier or broker of any signs of air on the measuring tape used for ullaging.

  • Search for any signs of bubbles or similar on the surface of the fuel when it is still onboard the barge.

  • Agree with the barge ops when and if they are going to make stripping of the tanks.

  • Check and note the draft fore, mid and aft on the barge before and after supply to compare.

  • If any signs at all of cappuccino or similar (except eventual stripping, agreed in advance), please stop the supply immediately and compare supply quantities made so far.

  • Immediately contact office vessel operator in charge and request notification to the Seller or Supplier.

  • If surveyor attending, surveyor signs the Letter of Protest, also.

  • Stop the bunker delivery and wait minimum 1 hour for bubbles to disappear and re-measure the barge jointly with barge Master.


  • Repeat the measurement, sounding and ullaging of the barge, including verification of temperature of each tank.

  • Verify contents of ALL tanks, including the idle ones.

  • Ullage Report must be signed by all parties involved, including the surveyor.

  • Any disagreements regarding figures (mm, temperature) requires a Letter of Protest to be issued, and any specific disagreements to be stated on the Ullage report regarding completion of delivery.

  • Receiving Vessel to immediately inform differences in writing, on the spot, by Letter of Protest (LOP) attached to the BDN or BDR (Bunker Delivery Receipt) and copy to the Seller or Broker via e-mail.

1. Singapore Sampling pdf file (click to open)
1. New Singapore Delivery Method pdf file (click to open)

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